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How to Sell Your Home Without Becoming Homeless

Have you considered selling your home, but are concerned about not being able to find your next home due to record low housing inventory levels? You’re not alone and Bright Home Group of Keller Williams Realty has created a best of both worlds solution for homeowners like you!

Our Bright Home Group team has partnered with a company called EasyKnock to provide a solution to this concern. Gain moving flexibility to find your next home while staying in your current home! 

What is EasyKnock?

EasyKnock allows you to stay in your home for up to 12 months while you search for a new place to live and consider next steps. The Sell & Stay option is unlike any other residential sale lease-back. It includes an option contract giving you the ability to repurchase your home for an agreed-upon price. Or, have EasyKnock sell your home on the open market to receive the FULL sale value, minus the EasyKnock buyback price. 

How does it all work? You’ll get started with a personalized plan to ensure that you get the desired amount of money needed from your home’s available equity. After completing the purchase agreement, EasyKnock will carry out the traditional property closing process in two to four weeks. After the process is complete, your home will be sold to EasyKnock, your lease will begin and you will receive the agreed amount in cash.

Here’s the best part: stay in the home as a renter while you plan your next steps! Now you can use your Sell & Stay program to direct EasyKnock to sell your property on the open market or repurchase your home at any time. 

Gain moving flexibility and easy solutions while utilizing Bright Home Group’s partnership with EasyKnock. 
Find your dream home today! Contact our team for prompt, professional service and more information.

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