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Unprecedented Things Coming to The Salisbury Airport!!

The Salisbury Airport is expanding its Unmanned Aircraft Facilities, making it one of the industry leaders in the nation.

In fact, SBY has announced that they have applied to be the lead participant in the FAA IAS Integration Pilot Program, placing our local airport as a national leader with this rapidly expanding technology, by creating the SBY UAS Center of Excellence.

In order to create the SBY UAS Center of Excellence, they have partnered with over 50 UAS operators building one of the vastest centers of its kind.

These experts are leveraging decades of experience with cutting-edge technology to accelerate safe and responsible use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in both civilian and private industries. The development of these technologies is overseen by both civilian and military aviation!

The Salsibury Economic area continues to grow with various industries from agriculture to aviation, which will continue to assist our local economy and housing market!

Whether you are moving into the area or looking to sell your home, let the Bright Home Group of Keller Willaims educate you on what is happening in your local area to maximize YOUR value!




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